never anyone but you
little igor
homicidal air
feldman mix
psychogenic fugue
cruise missiles to your heart
midnight unfolds its satin wings and alights on my bed

She Moved Through the Fair
My young love said to Me
My mother won't mind
And my father won't slight you
For your lack of kind
And she steped away fom me
And this she did say
It will not be long love
Till our wedding day

She stepp'd away from me and she moved through the fair,
And fondly I watched her go here and go there,
Then she went her way homeward with one star awake,
As the swan in the evening moves over the lake.

Last night she came to me, she came softly in,
So softly she entered, her feet made no din,
She came close beside me and this she did say,
"It will not be long, love, till our wedding day."

Door Silo Lights Plane
Steady on course
you move toward mythic victories
below you the sea
shining darkly
A symphony of hands shattering the surface
caressing the dawn

While jealous lovers are sleeping
distant towers of the brave youth
rise on steele wings too far
too far gone too far to follow
laughter of children
running from the meadow
seeping into memory
you won't be needing that now

Protect yourself from gas projectors
chemical mines and cylinders
you can tell by the hissing sound
No part of you should glisten in the sun

Gulliver / Fever 103
Over your body the clouds go
High, high and icily
And a little flat, as if they
Floated on a glass that was invisible

Unlike swans,
Having no reflections;
Unlike you,
With no strings attached.
All cool, all blue. Unlike you

Devilish leopard
Radiation turned it white
And killed it in an hour
Greasing the bodies of adulterers like ash eating in
The sin

Devilish leopard!
Radiation turned it white
And killed it in an hour

Greasing the bodies of adulterers
Like Hiroshima ash and eating in.
The sin. The sin.

Darling, all night
I have been flickering, off, on, off, on.
The beads of hot metal fly, and I, love, I...

And now I
Foam to wheat, a glitter of seas.
The child's cry
Melts in the wall
And I
Am the arrow,
The dew that flies,
Suicidal, at one with the drive
Into the red
Eye, the cauldron of morning.

Tongues with the speed of light
Challenge all things in flight
And search the good and evil in the dark
And when the echo's heard
Ears grip the electric word
And measure the hidden journey of a spark
And the ear becomes an eye
Over the sea and high
As falcons climb and man shall stand aware
Of approaching foe or friend
Beyond the horizon's bend
And in the darkness he shall meet them there

The Voice of Robert Desnos
So like the flower and the breeze
the flow of water and its passing shadows
like the smile glimpsed that famous midnight
so like everything like joy and sadness

it's past midnight its naked torso rising past belfries and poplars
I call to me those lost in the fields
old corpses young felled oaks
scraps of cloth rotting on the ground and the linen drying in farm country

I summon to me tornadoes and hurricanes
tempets typhoons cyclones
tidal waves

I summon to me volcano smoke and that of cigarettes
smoke rings from luxury cigars
I summon to me loves and lovers
I summon to me the living and the dead
I summmon to me gravediggers I summon murderers
I summon to me hangmen, pilots bricklayers architects
I summon flesh
I summon the one I love
I summon the one I love
I summon the one I love

triumphant midnight unfolds its satin wings and alights on my bed
the belfries and the poplars bend to my desire
the former fall in ruin the latter fade
those lost in the fields are found in finding me
the old skeletons are revived by my voice
the young oaks cut down are covered with foliage
the scraps of cloth rotting on the ground and in the earth
snap to at the sound of my voice like a flag of rebellion
the linen drying in farm country clothes adorable women
whom I do not adore
who come to me
obeying my voice, adoring
tornadoes revolve in my mouth
hurricanes if it is possible redden my lips
storms roar at my feet
typhoons if it is possible ruffle me
I get drunken kisses from the cyclones
the tidal waves come to die at my feet
the earthquakes do not shake me but fade completely at my command
the smoke of volcanoes clothes me with its vapors
and the smoke of cigarettes perfumes me
and the rings of cigar smoke crown me
loves and love so long hunted find refuge in me
lovers listen to my voice
the living and the dead yield to me and salute me
the former coldly the latter warmly
the gravediggers abandon the hardly-dug graves
and declare that I alone may command their nightly work
the assassins greet me
the hangmen invoke the revolution
invoke my voice
invoke my name
the pilots are guided by my eyes
the bricklayers are dizzied listening to me
the architects leave for the desert
the assassins bless me
flesh trembles when I call
the one I love is not listening
the one I love does not hear
the one I love does not answer

Never Anyone But You
Never anyone but you
in spite of stars and solitude
In spite of trees
mutilated at nightfall
Never anyone but you will follow this path which is mine

the farther you go away
the greater your shadow grows

Never anyone but you will salute the sea at dawn
when tired of wandering, coming from dark forests
and thistle bushes
I shall walk toward the foam

Never anyone but you will place her hand on my forehead and my eyes
Never anyone but you and I deny falsehood and infidelity
This anchored boat, you may cut its rope
Never anyone but you

The eagle prisoner in a cage pecks slowly at the copper bars turned green
What an escape!

It's Sunday marked by the song of nightingales in the woods
of a tender green the tedium felt by little girls before a cage where a canary flies about
While in the solitary Street the sun slowly moves its narrow line across the heated sidewalk

We shall cross other lines
Never never anyone but you
And I alone
like the faded ivy of suburban gardens
alone like glass
And you never anyone but you

Homicidal Air
The pylon puts on some eyeshadow
Olympus and paradise and forests
It's like old lightbulbs
Now we suck poetry at the pointed tit
of these homicidal luminous breasts
Tempest is a make of automobille
For invisible lovers of the light
Gunbarrels as many as heroes' mouths
Chop off their tongues and toss them to insolent hearts
Love swims like a fish in acid
The central magneto the central magneto
the nightingale! of Japan!
Earth, sea and your breast tremble
like an avalanche and armies too
I tell you they're out for my head
O death
Handsome mountaineer in armor of the white prince!